Our Book

Intercultural Dialogue in Abya-Yala, Latin America and the Caribbean. Art, Education and Community Actions


(SoLEI / Universidad del Magdalena, 2018)

In the framework of the II International Congress SoLEI, the exhibitors are invited to send their papers to peer evaluation for publication of the Book (paper and digital): Intercultural Dialogue in Abya-Yala, Latin America and the Caribbean. Art, education and community action. This publication is a joint effort between the Latin American Society of Intercultural Studies and the University of Magdalena (Colombia). It seeks to gather the most outstanding contributions of the congress, disseminating research of high academic quality in the field of linguistic, legal, literary, artistic, gender, and educational studies.

The Editorial Committee in charge of the editing process is composed of the members of the Scientific and Logistics Committee of the Congress, who will send to arbitration, under the double-blind parameter, the works that comply with the drafting rules set forth herein. It will be understood that work that arrives out of date and without conforming to the rules will be automatically rejected without the right to a second shipment.

Submission Instructions:

1. The work must be original and unpublished. Only one work per author or research team is accepted.

2. The maximum term in which the works will be received will conclude on April 1, 2018 of this year.

3. Papers will have a minimum length of 10 pages and a maximum of 12 pages in size paper letter, including notes, charts or tables and bibliography.

4. The texts must be written in Calibri font, size 11, justified, line spacing 1.5, margins 3 cm (left and right).

5. Papers should be sent in electronic format with the extension "doc", "rtf" and a PDF version.

6. All papers must contain the following initial information: Title of the work in uppercase and in bold (written in English and Spanish) in no more than 12 words; Abstract in Spanish (140 words maximum) and abstract in English or Portuguese (140 words maximum). Five key words in Spanish and English or Portuguese; Full name of Author (s), Academic Degree of Author (s), Institutional Affiliation and Email. This information will be available at the end of the work; And, the subtitles must be succinct and written in lowercase and bold.

7. If the work includes images, they must be presented in a separate file with a resolution of not less than 250 dpi, indicating in the text of the work its location, the name of the work, year and author.

8. If the work includes tables, they must be presented in a separate file as an image and in Word, indicating in the text of the work its place of location.

9. The comments and explanatory notes at the bottom of the page should follow a unique and consecutive numbering throughout the work.

10. Bibliographic references and reference citations in the text and the final list of bibliographic references must be submitted according to the APA standards.

11. The bibliography (or works cited) should cover only the texts cited in the article.

The Editorial Committee will inform each author of the receipt of the work sent, and the results of the arbitration will be reported in a term not exceeding two months.

The papers must be sent to the mails, under the label "Send to publication": soleilatinoamerica@gmail.com /  dialogointercultural@unimagdalena.edu.co